I was born in Zambia,  grew up in South Africa and am currently living in Córdoba, Andalusia, Spain.  I started out in photography at the early age of 16.  From pure black & white to digital photography, self taught and always inspired by my obsession with light, shadows, contrasts and the way they came together in my images.    Digital photography has given me the opportunity to create images that I once only dreamt about and now through montages and the possibility of manipulating my images have become a reality.


Journey to nowhere…

«When did the journey begin?  What journey?  I don´t remember anymore , I only know that the grass under my feet was wet,  the frost on the ground, and the wind that blew from the north was cold,  very cold.  And the light, especially the light, struck the  retina of my camera and the journey began.  Where to?  Does it matter?  Only the shadows will remain at the end of the road, the shadows of the soul of my journey  to nowhere. Nowhere is where I want to go and everything is what I want to photograph…»

“Through my lense I see a lot of beauty in a world which sometimes can be very ugly.”

stephanus meyer