When the lives of ordinary people, trying to live ordinary lives, living in ordinary places are disrupted because their paths have been crossed by people with different ideas forced upon them in a cruel and vain way   and their rights are systematically violated and oppress them for a long time, I call this “Crossroads”. This is what officially happened in South Africa in 1950 and ended in 1994. “Crossroads” is a journey into the bowels of the townships where black people live and  have no chance of escaping this   hole of misery. They are the ghosts of yesterday that few people are interested in now. The legacy of apartheid left this inheritance behind ,   the ghettos of the social marginalization of the non-white people that learnt to live, coexist and survive in the worst imaginable conditions. Today little has changed, juvenile gangs dominate, they traffic with alcohol, drugs and firearms. AIDS spreads faster and faster, hygiene, sanitation, even drinkable water is a luxury that very few have the option of opting for.