In May of 2019, I travelled to South Africa to once again photograph in the townships of Port Elizabeth as it was general elections time and 25 years since the first free elections in 1994 were commemorated with Nelson Mandela leading the way after his release in 1990. In the township Joe Slovo  I met John V. Lombardo, an North American  based in New York and working with marginalized students with very few resources. He founded the mission of Artworks for Youth to provide free visual art instruction, after school tutoring and academic support to students receiving insufficient services in South Africa. His work began in New York City in May 2000 and since then he has worked with thousands of students through collaborations with schools and service organizations in New York City and South Africa. He heard about a school in South Africa through a collaboration with Frederick Douglass Academy II in Harlem. His first trip to Africa was in March 2003. He began traveling to South Africa three times a year. ArtWorks for Youth now works exclusively in South Africa. He is currently working in two schools: Sivuyiseni Intermediate and Joe Slovo Primary, both in Port Elizabeth. It expanded to a year-round program in October 2009. It works with more than 1,000 students a year. These images are part of the photographic project I did for his organization.

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