From pure black and white to digital photography, self taught and always inspired by my obsession with light, shadows, contrasts and the way they come together in my images. Street, social and documentary photography are my great passion. Having lived in diverse environments and travelled to many different places my camera has taught me to see world and how people live in it in a different light. I now combine my work as a teacher with my love for travel and street photography. Street photography has taught to me see. I am inspired by people simply living their lives. I was born and grew up in Africa and lived there until the age of 19. I bought my first camera when I was 16 and the journey began and 40 years later it still continues stronger than ever.   I met wonderful people living in so many different situations and I was so inspired by how much beauty there was to be found. This marked and shaped me as a photographer. It was extremely gratifying. The hardest point in my artistic journey as a photographer was being a perfectionist, sometimes to the point of it becoming an obsession. Street photography helped me overcome this. There is no perfection in it. Only an instance of someone´s life that lasts a fraction of a second and then it´s gone forever. It taught me to see the beauty in the imperfect. Where would I like my photographic journey take me? To share and exhibit my work in different galleries of the world. Share the beauty of life with others. My art is found in the way people interact with their environment, nothing is planned or set up. It just happens. That for me is the beauty of street, social and travel photography.

stephanus meyer

Equipment I use:

Olympus Pen F and OMD EM 1 Mark III + 12 mm f2 + 17 mm f1.8 + 7 – 14 f2.8 Pro + 12 – 45 f4 Pro