Cool vibrant nostalgia

It must have been at about the beginning of the 80s when I started out in photography. It was all black and white for me as colour was quite expensive to shoot and home developing was out of the question.  Colour was everywhere, street, fashion and publicity photographers were revolutionizing photography by exploring new techniques, composition, and colour schemes. In the decade of the 70s many photographers were experimenting with vibrant hues and bold contrasts. Some of the most iconic photographs feature a combination of warm earthy tones, bold primary colours, and surreal lighting. The 80s was a time of pop culture, fashion, and music, which heavily influenced the photography of the time. Many photographs featured a combination of bold neon colours, geometric patterns, and striking contrasts. The use of colour in 80s photography was used to create a sense of energy, optimism, and confidence, reflecting the cultural and social changes of the time. The use of colour in 90s was often used to create a mood or atmosphere, with subdued colours conveying a sense of melancholy or nostalgia. However, there were still many photographers who used bold and vibrant colours, particularly in fashion and advertising photography. Black and white creates mood, but colour is life. I lived through those decades and now when I look back at photographs from those times I find that colour has a sense of place for me in my photography and reminds me of how cool life was back then and what an important part colour played in my life. This series is a tribute to those days.

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