Crossing the old city

Córdoba a city that was once a melting pot of religions and civilizations lies in the north-central section of the  autonomous community  of Andalusia in southern Spain. Cordova was probably Carthaginian in origin and was occupied by the Romans in 152 BC. In 711 it was captured and largely destroyed by the Muslims. Abd al-Rahman I, a member of the Umayyad family, accepted the leadership of the Spanish Muslims rebuilt it and made Córdoba its capital in 756. The old city has one of the largest Jewish quarters in Europe with its narrow cobble stone streets and white houses. It leads out towards the Great Cathedral – Mosque and crosses the Guadalquivir river through the Roman arch and bridge.

I have been living here for the past 26 years and have walked and crossed the old city with my camera many times. As a passionate street photographer I try to captures the beauty and diversity of modern urban life in this ancient area. My style is unconventional and experimental, as I use a wide angle lens to create images that are distorted, dynamic, and dramatic. I simply walk and shoot and never engage with my subjects. I want the photos to be as natural as possible. In this series in post-production I used various filters to obtain that yellowish color that for me creates that ancient mood the old city reminds me of when I walk its streets. I want the observer to feel the textures of the old stone, the mood, the pulse of daily life and the incredible light.

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